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Board Meetings

All of the regularly scheduled board meetings are recorded and featured here. The meetings begin with special recognition, highlighting individual students, groups or teams that have accomplished something special worthy of recognition before the board of trustees. The meetings have a regular show date and time, (see schedule) and are always available on demand. Click on an episode.

Regular Board Meetings   - July 2020
  - June 2020
  - May 2020
  - April 2020
  - March 2020
  - February 2020
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SuperTalks is the San Benito CISD Superintendent's forum. Dr. Vega chooses topics for each episode that are relevant and pertinent to a matter in question. SuperTalks is shot at the discretion of the superintendent and is recorded in our KSBG studio. SuperTalks is always available on demand. Click on an episode.

Super Talks   - Special Message April 2020
  - COVID Update March 2020
  - January 2020
  - August 2019
  - May 2019
  - February 2019
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Board Matters

Board Matters

Board Matters   - COVID Update March 2020
  - August 2019
  - August 2019
  - May 2019
  - April 2019
  - March 25, 2019
  - See more Board Matters

Campus Spotlight

Campus Spotlight

Campus Spotlight   - Veterans Memorial Academy
  - Riverside Middle School
  - San Benito High School
  - Berta Cabaza Middle School
  - Miller Jordan Middle School
  - Early College Academy
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All "Specials" are stand-alone video programs clustered together. True to their name, these shows are special and do'nt belong clustered anywhere else. These are special-interest shows of events, typically featured in their entirety. These are part of the program schedule, (see schedule) but do not have a regular show date and time. Specials are always available on demand. Click on one.

Specials   - Multi-Purpose Facility
  - 2019 SBCISD Convocation
  - End of the Year 2019
  - 2019 Teachers of the Year
  - ASP End of Year
  - ASP Rock Band
  - See more Specials


Sporting events shot in their entirety are featured here. These are typically full production shows that include multi-cameras, technical director, graphics, instant replay and commentators. These sporting events are produced using our MPU, (mobile production unit) and are "Live-to-Tape," meaning they are ready for "Air" as soon as the event is over. Sports have a regular show date and time, (see schedule) and are always available on demand. Click on an episode.

Sports   - 2019 Meet the Greyhounds
  - Basketball: Lady Hounds vs Rivera
  - Basketball: Hounds vs Rivera
  - Basketball: Lady Hounds vs Lady Hawks
  - Basketball: Hounds vs Harlingen Hawks
  - Basketball: Lady Hounds vs Los Fresnos
  - See more Sports

The Insider Short

The Insider Short

The Insider Short   - Transportation Training
  - National AP Scholar
  - Adobe Software Training
  - Pow Wow 2019
  - Middle School Pow Wow
  - Dr. Cash at Home Game
  - See more The Insider Short

AV Production

Student produced videos and projects.

AV Production  - See all AV Production Videos/Projects

Holiday Shows

Holiday shows

Holiday Shows  - See all Holiday Shows

Broadcast Promos

Broadcast Promos

Holiday Shows  - Environmental Science Academy
 - Fine Arts Academy
 - CTE Summer Camp

Teachers of the Year

Teachers of the Year

Toty  - 2021
 - 2022
 - 2023

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