San Benito CISD Community Relations Service Requests


KSBG broadcasts it's programming through Time Warner Cable (TWC). Only TWC subscribers in the San Benito vicinity have access to KSBG through TWC channel 1301. Our programming on TWC is scheduled through our master control head end and is updated regularly.


We understand that not everyone subscribes to TWC, and some live beyond it's coverage, so we integrated LiveStream as another outlet for those who have no access, or prefer to watch our programming on a computer or mobile device. Through LiveStream, KSBG offers "Live" streaming of our programming scheduled on TWC to any mobile device, computer or smartTV with internet access.

On Demand

Not only can you watch what's playing "Live", but you have access to all of KSBG's videos and shows "On Demand". Watch what you want, when you want! You can chat with other viewers, share and like videos all from the palm of your hand.


KSBG continues to upload it's videos and shows to YouTube. You can always find any video published by KSBG on our YouTube channel.


Many of our videos and shows can be found our Facebook page. "Like Us" to stay connected with us and view the videos from our timeline.

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